Sunday, July 31, 2011

You're Sucha Square!

Concluding our lovely beach trip, wishing it was not now over, I worked on squares. Gahlee, seems I cannot finish one project before I start another, oh well. Instead of working on my blanket, hat, or hook case I decided to start working on my future crochet project bag. Made of sixteen separate squares, it is really simple to make. The squares are about five by five inches, cute little squares with eyelets. I’m making eight with the purple and green yarn centers outlined with white, and the other eight will be the reciprocal: white center with purple and green outline. Figured it would give it a nice contrast even though I’m really only using two different yarns. Also, it will match my hook case! Kinda was the plan, have all my crochet stuff matching. 

So far, I have made six squares with the white outline and almost finished with the seventh. Once I make eight, its on to the white centered squares! 

I’m thinking about getting a light purple fabric to line the inside of the bag and hook case just to make sure everything is secure inside. Would not want any hooks or needles falling out, would we? That would also give me some practice with the sewing machine I bought earlier this summer. Still have not been able to really practice on it except that first time, the day I opened the box. Haha.

Now that I’m finished with my online classes, I have two weeks before going back to school. Two weeks of crafts? Maybe so, hopefully. Two weeks of work? Ugh, yes. Two weeks of cleaning and packing? You betcha! Hopefully I’ll be able to work some running time in there along with all those too. Gotta get back into the swing of things!

Back to reality.

Oh yeah, I picked up the book Crafty Superstar by Grace Dobush Friday night. Been reading it and planning to open up an Etsy shop within the next couple months hopefully. Wish me luck!

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