Thursday, April 12, 2012

Couch to 5K :: Days One and Two

It felt good to finally start back running again even if it is going to be a slow start. This Couch to 5K plan was the perfect thing to start off my running and get me out of my cardio rut. The first day went fairly well; I did better than I thought I would. Of course you get all excited about starting something new, then you wake up the next morning so sore you can barely walk up and down stairs. But, after all of the soreness finally decided it was time to stop torturing me, I actually felt really good about myself, like I actually accomplished something. Today was my second day of the plan with the same walk/run ratio as the first day. I think I may have done better today. I did not get as many cramps as I did on Monday, and I tried to control my breathing more. Also, I walked at a slightly faster rate than I did on the first day. And... to finish it all off, I did fifty crunches. Success!

Anyone else exercise today?

Hilliary :)