Thursday, April 12, 2012

Couch to 5K :: Days One and Two

It felt good to finally start back running again even if it is going to be a slow start. This Couch to 5K plan was the perfect thing to start off my running and get me out of my cardio rut. The first day went fairly well; I did better than I thought I would. Of course you get all excited about starting something new, then you wake up the next morning so sore you can barely walk up and down stairs. But, after all of the soreness finally decided it was time to stop torturing me, I actually felt really good about myself, like I actually accomplished something. Today was my second day of the plan with the same walk/run ratio as the first day. I think I may have done better today. I did not get as many cramps as I did on Monday, and I tried to control my breathing more. Also, I walked at a slightly faster rate than I did on the first day. And... to finish it all off, I did fifty crunches. Success!

Anyone else exercise today?

Hilliary :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I know, it has been forever since my last post. This college semester has completely taken over my life, and many things have happened. Since my last post, I have used my spinning wheel more. I actually had an adventure one Saturday with a local spinning group. We spent all day spinning, talking, and eating. I also got a little crochet done, but not too much. As for my crochet, I finally finished my owl, Rosie, and made another mini version. Right now I am working on a baby blanket, although I have not worked on it this past week. My idea for the blanket ended up changing until I completely started over. Now, I am making a granny square blanket with a fabric back quilted to the crocheted part. Hopefully I will finish it and be able to do the quilted part the way I want to.

As for school, I decided to transfer after the semester and moved back home. If everything goes as planned, I will be able to apply for a co-op job at our local marine base. After I get done with the Business Logistics degree, I plan to start on a Web Design degree. I'm really looking forward to the web design, and hopefully I will actually be good at it.

My Etsy shop never opened like I planned. I'm telling you... school took over. Now that I only have three weeks left of spring semester, I'm trying to figure out exactly what I want my Etsy shop to be... its focus. Crochet in general has a very wide target audience, but if I narrow it down to something like crocheted jewelry or baby crocheted items and make my crochet more individual I think I will be able to stand out, maybe even be successful. So that is my goal right now... who am I as a crocheter?, the first part of my new Who am I? series. Join in! Everyone needs to just step back sometimes and say "Who am I exactly?" Follow along as I learn more about myself and you can learn about yourself too!

In other news, after getting some much  needed inspiration from Ashley of After Nine to Five, I started the Couch to 5K plan for the treadmill. Yesterday was my first day of the plan, and today, I must say, I am very sore. So, in honor of this new fitness kick, I'm going to start a blog series following my Couch to 5K journey. I would love for you to join me! Whether treadmill or outdoors, anyone can follow this plan, so by all means join me in my Couch to 5K journey.

So, new things to be looking forward to...
  • Who am I as a crocheter? 
  • Couch to 5K journey 
  • Finished baby blanket

Hilliary :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Crafting Adventure

School is back in, busier than ever. I haven't been able to do what I planned on because of school, but I'm still working on opening my Etsy shop. I was hoping to have it open by the beginning of February at the latest, but as you can see that did not happen.

Well, even though school is in full swing again, I skipped my first Friday classes to go on a crafting adventure with my mom. We drove six hours to lovely Asheville, NC for the Friends & Fiberworks Winter Retreat 2012. Now, my mom is not a crafter at all, so I thought this would be the perfect trip to get her craftyness going. Plus, I wanted to learn how to spin yarn.

We signed up for the beginning spinning class and the polymer big buttons class. I wanted to take the beginning knitting class, for both mine and my mom's sake, but it was full. I ended up trying to teach her how to knit, and so far I think she is getting it. She even seems excited about it and wants to do it. Yay!

The beginning spinning class was our first class on Saturday morning. We signed up for a full three hours of spinning with Ms. Julie from Jehovah Raah Farm. I had somewhat of an idea of how to spin, although still difficult and confusing. But my mom had no idea what she was doing. She ended up taking an extra hour to spin her two grams of fiber and then ply them together. I was so proud of her for finishing though and not giving up. I spun my two grams of fiber and then added some black and grey alpaca and wool mix fiber then plied the two together. It turned out an interesting mix; most of the fiber was brown and then there was the random black and grey on the ends. My first skein of handspun yarn!

I ended up buying a spinning wheel that day. Ms. Julie sales Lendrum spinning wheels, the same ones that we learned on. I was so excited to finally get one of my own. Now with school, I haven't been able to do much on it, but I did spin about seventy yards of two ply one weekend. It was a lovely black and grey mix once plied together.

Our big button class was later that Saturday afternoon. Me and my mom ended up making many buttons and some earrings. I had never made anything out of polymer clay, so it was a new experience, but I did enjoy it... would love to do it again. My buttons were silvery grey diamond shape with a light purple tint to them. My earrings were the same, just with holes at the top of the diamond instead of button holes. Mama made royal blue squares with a light shimmer to them. She also made earrings, one the size of her buttons and another pair of smaller squares. Our buttons also had textures to them, of our choice. They turned out really pretty, need to take some pictures of them.

Before taking all of our classes, Friday we went to the Biltmore Estate. It was so cold that day, so we were inside mostly, but we did visit the greenhouses where all of the orchids were. They also had a Tiffany Glass exhibit. It is amazing how much money a man can make all of some lamps. They were beautiful, and I would love to have one. But my goodness! They are so expensive.

Favorite orchid from Biltmore

Overall, the trip was great. We ended up taking many detours on the way home to antique shop. A lovely mother daughter bonding weekend indeed!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crafting Filled Weekend!

Well, my fabric did not arrive on Friday as planned so I didn't get to work on my sewing project until today. Instead, Friday I finished up my Fun Fur scarves and delivered them, worked on my blog some, had a photo shoot with Steph and the children, and then went out to eat Chinese with the family.

Me, Lulu, and Steph
Saturday was a designated crochet day for the mickey mouse hat my sister wanted me to make a few weeks back. I did end up finishing it finally after finding my yarn. It turned out pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. I also began teaching myself to knit with the help of a lovely book and DVD kit. Didn't turn out exactly perfect, but ya know... I tried.

My knitting teacher
My little bit of knitting
Today, instead of packing up to head back to school, I started and finished my first sewing project! How exciting, right? I'm surprised it turned out as well as it did without the help of my Grandma (all knowing sewing lady). So, for my first sewing project I decided to make a crochet hook case. Simple, I thought, but it was more complicated than it looked at first. It took me most of today, started around ten this morning and finished around four. Of course, there were many mistakes involved and undoing, redoing, and attempting perfection once again. Even though it didn't end perfectly perfect, I think my awesome fabric choice helped out. I was able to find some super cute sheep fabric from Sew Fine Fabric store on Etsy. Absolutely love it!

Love my fabric!
Crochet hook case - front
Love the ribbon :)
My attempt at a back pocket, complete with snaps :)
Inside - Purple, my favorite
Needle pocket - my metal needles are so short you can't see them!
Got my hooks organized by size :)
Scissor pouch, my cute new scissors :)
Very first sewing project - COMPLETE!
Cannot wait to make my matching project bag!

Well, what do you think? (:

Friday, January 6, 2012

Last Lazy Friday

So, this is my last Friday before starting my Spring semester of my sophomore year. What shall I do today? I have a few things on my list. I'm currently working on a scarf made with Fun Fur, almost done. Probably should finish that mickey mouse hat for my sister since she keeps pestering me about it. Also, I'm very excited because my fabric should be coming in the mail today! I ordered some sheep printed fabric from Sew Fine Fabric so I could attempt my first sewing project, a crochet hook case. Whats better than making your own case anyways?  I'm also going to attempt to make a matching project bag. Hopefully they will turn out well, I'll let you know.
Sewing machine ready for work!
The rest of my project supplies
Compliments of Sew Fine Fabric
 During my Christmas holiday I started the transition from office to crocheting/sewing room, so I took some pictures of the progress. Its a mess, I know, but once its done with everything in place, it will be my own little man cave to hibernate in all day and create. 
Work station - AKA, my desk
Look at all of that yarn!
Lovely painting from my sister :)
Love that roll top desk. Put that filing cabinet together myself!
My lovely view from the window
Absolutely love this sign mama got for me!
Sewing supplies - I was so lost so I just bought these and a rotary cutter.
Other than waiting on my fabric and crocheting, I started my morning with the season premier of Vampire Diaries and a bowl of Lucky Charms, the pups are outside playing in the yard and everyone else is at school and work.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Well, I finally finished up all of my Christmas orders on Christmas Eve. Waiting until the last minute, I know. Shame on me. I was really happy with everything that I made and hope that everyone enjoys wearing them!

Mountain Sunset Fingerless Mitts - sold

Sock Monkey Hat - For Andrew
Chevron Scarf in Kentucky Blue - for Ivey and Drew

Kentucky Blue Fingerless Mitts - For Drew
"Panda"monium Fingerless Mitts - for Drew
"Panda"monium Scarf - For Drew
Purple Sock Monkey Hat - For Erin
Flower Headband in Gemstone - Available
Gemstone Fingerless Mitts - Available
Hello Kitty Hat - For Gail
Mini Brandi Set Red and Black - For Jill
Mini Brandi Set Pink and Purple - For Andrea
Chevron Scarf in Gemstone - For Ashley
New Tags! - Front
Along with all of these wonderful items, I made an ear flap beanie with pompoms on the tassels for Richard, a pink baby hat with a white bow, many pairs of earrings, another pink With Hope scarf, and an owl beanie for me. Now I am working on two scarves made with Fun Fur yarn, one silver and one silver and black mix. So far I think I am done with the silver one, but I may add some more length to it. Also, I have another sock monkey hat to make, finish a mickey mouse hat, and a pair of heart earrings. Hopefully I will be able to get pictures of all of these things, even the ones that have already been delivered! I love pictures from happy customers. :)

Overall, 2011 was good to me. I really got back into crocheting and, with the help of my mom, actually started a little business. Now, my first goal of 2012 is to have my Etsy shop up and  running full of wonderful crocheted things by the first of February.

Wish me luck!