Monday, August 29, 2011

Step Away From the Books!

Well, after almost a month of being away from the blogging world, many things have taken place. For one, I moved back into the dorms and started college for the fall semester. This is my second year at GSW, and so far this is the busiest semester I have had. I ended up changing my major to Art and minor to Professional Writing, basically the exact opposite of what I was doing the previous year. Now I am taking beginning drawing, art history, intro to professional writing, yoga, British literature, and computer applications (online). Busy? Yes, indeed. I feel like all I do is go to class and come back to my room to do homework. No time for crochet! :( Hopefully once I get further into the semester and work some amazing time management skills, I will be able to start crocheting again. I guess my plans for doing craft fairs are just going to have to wait for another time, because there is definitely no way I would be ready in time with this class load. 

Other than college, I have did finally make my owl pillows and took pictures for all to see! They look great on my futon in my dorm room, and they match my blanket, making them even better. If someone that had never met me saw my room, there is no doubt they would know I love owls. They seem to be taking over, just the way I like it.

Also, I did start and finish one crochet project the first week of school. I crocheted myself a yoga mat bag since I was planning on taking the group classes in the morning. Then I ended up actually taking the educational class. Two birds, one stone. Now I will have my PE out of the way. The yoga mat bag is made out of 100% U.S. grown cotton, which is surprising since nothing is made in the U.S. anymore. Anyways, the yarn, I love. I plan to use it again for sure.

Well, hopefully once things start dying down around here, if they ever will, I will be able to start some more crochet projects and teach myself to knit! I bought myself a “teach yourself to knit” kit from Walmart. Super excited to break it out, whenever I get the time.

For now, back to the books.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Official...

I now have business cards! After slaving away on the computer, making, remaking, deleting, and all that good stuff, I finally finished making them today. I must say, they turned out very nice. Of course, I had to be all OCD about them, making everything just perfect, that's why it took forever and a day. I just could not decide on which flower to put on them: normal sunflower or colorful sunflower that I had made online with Aviary. Even my sister could not help me decide. Complete toss up. I could not handle it, so I did not use either one. Instead, I crocheted up a little motley sunflower and took pictures. Then, I went through the painful process of taking out the background so it would just be the flower and not some white background square. Finally, they were finished, after copying and pasting each item on each square; nothing can be simple, I swear. 

Also today, worked in my room some, getting ready to move back up to college. It is actually starting to look better. I’m not afraid to throw things away anymore, gosh, such a pack rat. Get that from my mother, has to keep item that touches her life. Maybe, just maybe, it will be completed to perfection by next Saturday.

By the way, check out One Sheepish Girl blog and enter her giveaway! It is her birthday month for her blog, etsy, and herself. So check her out! I love her stuff, hopefully I will win something and you will too!