Monday, July 25, 2011

Sandy Stitches

As my first project for my beach trip, I made a crocheted slouchy hat for my friend’s birthday present. I had gone to Hobby Lobby on the way to the beach in search for my owl fleece, and I came across a pattern for a hat. Well, after I bought the yarn it turns out the pattern was for knitting, which I’m not well versed in at all. So, I was in search of a new pattern. After hours of searching the World Wide Web, I found one by Donna Rutledge-Okoro on Etsy. Simple, yet cute, I just had to buy it for myself. Full of excitement over my new find, as soon as she emailed me the pattern I got to work. Needless to say, I was finished before the night even had a chance to be young. I even added a cute little bow just to spice up the cuteness a little bit more. 

I know I’ll definitely be using this pattern again, for myself of course! Its about time I make a slouchy hat for myself... keep giving them all away.

I got my sister to model the hat for me, as painful as that was for her. I must say, the hat looks good on her. I’m sure she will be asking for one soon enough.
Now on to a new project!

P.S. I will be going to a crochet along afghan class tomorrow at the knitting shop in Cocoa Village. Should be fun!

Thanks to Donna for the great pattern!

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