Thursday, July 28, 2011

Loops on the Hook

As my second beach project of the week, I’m making a shell stitch crochet hook case. My hooks and all their friends are in desperate need of a home of their own, so what better time to make one! I must say, I came prepared for my vacation of laziness. Not only did I bring my current afghan project, but four other balls of yarn “just in case”. Luckily, one of those skeins happened to be a colorful mix of purples and greens, not to mention super soft. So far it seems to be the perfect choice of yarn for my hook case. The blending of the purple and green colors with the shell stitch really makes for an elegant, yet simple design. Cannot wait to see the finished product!

Also, I worked more on my crochet along afghan today. I guess you could consider this my third project of the week. I was able to finish up my first square’s edging, and I started, finished, and edged my second square of baby cables. It turned out really well, better than I expected. Once I block everything, the squares will look great and certainly will make for a lovely afghan. Being a large project, I may be working on this into my old age, but at least I will finish it, working square by square, stitch by stitch.

Speaking of my crochet along class, after my class I just had to take a look at all of the yarns in the store. Of course, I had to buy something. Ended up spending another thirty dollars, oh well. I purchased two skeins of a colorful yarn that is somewhere between medium and fine weight. Planning on finally making myself something, a slouchy hat and matching scarf. Should be eye catching for sure with all those colors. Along with my yarn, I bought my first bamboo crochet hook, size G. Could not wait to use it, so, needless to say, I used it today. Haha. 

Another square, more shells, and maybe a hat tomorrow!


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  2. Looks like a pretty big project but I'm sure it'll turn out nice knowing you, you always do well. And the colourful yarn looks really soft, does it feel how it looks? and does the weight of the yarn make a huge difference when it comes to the final product?

  3. Since when do you ask so many technical questions lol. Yeah its soft and the weight changes the gauge of the project.