Meet Hilliary:

Hey everyone! I'm Hilliary, a student who loves to crochet and create. I'm currently an art major at a small college in a small south Georgia town. My first year I was an English writing major, but this year (sophomore year) I decided that I really wanted to be an art major. To be creative and create as a student and hopefully a future career. I love yarn, everything about it, and I love buying it, creating with it. I've pretty much taught myself everything I know with the help of the Internet and The Crochet Answer Book. My cousin got me started with my first row of single crochet, now I'm doing all sorts of things. I've been crocheting for about 4 years now on and off until this past summer. I really started up again with crocheting and blogging as "The Motley Sunflower" while enjoying summer vacation. Ever since, I've been going at full blast.

Me and my sister Stephanie

Isn't she precious?
Lulu is my baby girl, half pug half miniature dachshund. She is perfect! When I'm home, she usually is sitting in my lap while we watch TV, and I crochet. The yarn scares her when it touches her back unexpectedly, and she jumps like there is a bug on her. So hilarious. I love her to death.

What are you looking at?
Me, Lulu, and Auntie Stephie
Auntie Stephie and Cousin Sadie
Halloween costume - Caterpillar 
Sadie was a butterfly. (sister's pup and Lulu's cousin)

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