Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cables Galore!

Yay! I finally finished another crochet project this semester. Let me tell you, it is hard to work some crochet into my college life, especially now since I switched to an art major. Crochet and drawing projects? I do not think so. College has to come first. I mean I do have to pass my classes no matter how much I wish to crochet. I told Mama recently that I was just going to drop out of college and crochet my way to fame. Psh, if only life worked that way. Only the lucky few get to actually live off of a job they are in love with. Maybe one day.

Anyways, I found this great pattern on Etsy by KnotSewCute for a matching cable tam and scarf. Took a bit longer than the hats I have made in the past, but you have to make time for perfection! Crocheted cables look pretty fantastic, I must add. It is very easy to trick someone into thinking it was knitted. Only the crocheter knows the truth.

My hat turned out well, took me about ten days to make (so says Ravelry). Of course, I rarely worked on it during the school week, mostly just on weekends. So in all, hmm... maybe eight hours of work? More or less. I need to start keeping up with that better and set time aside for crocheting in general. So, eight hours of work for one hat made with one skein of ten dollar yarn.

Speaking of yarn, I just love this yarn. I bought it when I took my crochet class in Cocoa Village. Ten dollars for some oh so colorful yarn, not to mention soft. Yes. I bought two skeins of it that day, never regretted it either. This yarn is by Marks & Kattens, their Big Trend family. The yarn I bought is color 405, which is a mixture of blues, greens, purples, pinks, and reds. Also, it is made of a wool and acrylic mixture, so it is really soft and warm. Fell in love, yes. So much so that I ordered three more skeins online. :D

I decided I did not have enough to make the matching scarf, so, of course, I ordered more of this wonderful yarn. Now I am making matching fingerless owl mitts, you know, with the cables that make an owl on the top of your hand. Love owls. So far I have made one, but have not had the chance to put the button eyes on yet. Pictures soon!

Cannot wait for the rest of my yarn to arrive so I can get to crocheting on my scarf!

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